Review: Not a Match by Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan has been on over a hundred online dates, so when he writes a book on online dating disasters, I am all ears.

I listened to Not A Match: My True Tales of Online Dating Disasters one weekend before Valentine’s Day on a car ride to a conference. An hour and a half commute, I wanted something that would take my mind off the road and provide some comic relief to sandwich the more serious professional development talks I would be hearing through the day. At two hours long the book fit the bill.

Not a Match is a compilation of Donovan’s bad (and often hilarious) experiences as well as those of the women he has seen. The chapters are short anecdotes, punctuated with Donovan’s advice on how to make the best profile, why short men have the short end of the stick, and how to formulate the best email to get noticed.


His writing is witty and conversational, and listening to the story felt like I was talking with the funny friend who always knows how to make you laugh. Some swearing and adult humor keeps the book out of the reach of younger hands, but the disaster stories made me so thankful for my loving husband (going on seven years) and made me recall my own awkward attempts at navigating the dating scene when I was younger. I always love to hear about dating disasters, as long as it is vicariously! Overall 4 out of 5 stars and a hug to Brian for this real life romcom.

Ever tried online dating? Any favorite stories? Two of my friends have found their spouses online so there is hope!


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