2018 Challenge Update (Week 5)

In the last week I read two more books off my TBR list, so I am still on track as far as my reading challenges go. Thank goodness for audiobooks, though I did enjoy some glorious hours with my Kindle in stolen moments of quiet. George Orwell’s Burmese Days was particularly nice to listen on audio so I didn’t need to guess on Indian pronunciation.

My running this week was almost negligible. 3.50 miles brings my total annual mileage up to 75.35 out of 1000 miles. I biked twelve miles and got a weight class in, so I was still moving, just not in the usual manner.

I’m competing in a Taekwondo tournament this Saturday coming up (my first!) so all my focus is being directed toward preparations for that. My daughter and I are both demonstrating forms, so we have been working on those together. I have loved seeing the discipline it brings into her life, and practicing with her makes it all the more special for me.


What moments stand out to your from the past week? Anne has developed such a sass! She came downstairs in my heels one day, and I asked her why she had them on. “Because I wanted to mommy!” Duh! The joys of being a mother to a 5 going on 25 year old. 


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