2018 Challenge Update (Week 3)

Classes have officially started, and guys I did not miss the crazy never-ending to-do list. I ran to Staples today to pick up some final back to school supplies, and this planner seems to have been designed just for me. Bonus being bound (spiral bound planners never last long in my bag), and proceeds go back to the artist and building new schools. So someone else can know the pain that is college… Sharing is caring guys!


I read three books in total over the past week, so I made good progress on my 2018 reading challenges.

On the running front I have been making steady progress. This week I ran 27.15 miles, bringing my yearly mileage up to 62.6 out of 1000. I also made it to a weight lifting class and a lunch time yoga class, keeping up my commitment of adding more variety to my workouts. I only made one martial arts class this week, my husband got sick so I had to stay home and nurse him the night I normally have class.

Working out during lunch seems to be working so far, this week I will be playing around with the schedule some more though as my task list increases. Mid-February I am looking to compete in a Taekwondo tournament, so a lot of focus will be directed toward preparing for that over the coming weeks and building strength and flexibility.

Anything exciting happening for you this week? Let me live vicariously through you as things get busy here!


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