Review: Dead Sleep by Greg Iles

Dead Sleep by Greg Iles was our latest selection for book club. I finished the book last week, but had held off on writing the review in the hopes of doing another book club review. However, since only three people read the book at the meeting (including me), we did not end up discussing the book other than catching members up with how it ended. Womp womp womp.


Dead Sleep was my first time reading Greg Iles. Jordan Glass is a photojournalist, who on a trip to Hong Kong stumbles over some nude paintings of women in repose, either asleep or dead it is hard to tell. The matter becomes personal however when she recognizes her twin sister in one of the paintings, a woman who had gone missing eighteen months before. Now Jordan must join forces with the FBI in an attempt to uncover the person behind these paintings, and maybe find out what happened to her sister.

The book itself was a page turner. The writing was fast paced and events flowed one into the next seamlessly. There were a few school nights this mama was up past bed time because I couldn’t sleep without knowing what happened next.


Being a lover of all thing Criminal Minds it felt like I was right there with the BAU. Jordan had a close relationship with the bureau throughout the story, and her presence helped to pare everything down into layman’s terms, making it easy to keep up with the case without getting lost in technical jargon, no criminology degree required.


Set in New Orleans, the book took me straight back to the Big Easy. I spent a week there over the summer, and it was easy to call to mind the narrow streets and balconies of the French Quarter. The buildup was satisfying, but Iles took a liberal pinch of artistic license in writing the book and some events were a little bit of a stretch. I suppose that’s the beauty of  fiction, but I found myself rolling my eyes at a few scenes that were just too cliche.

Overall the book was a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It has been a while since I got sucked into a thriller, so this book was a nice break from the contemporaries and historical fictions that have been on my TBR stack as of late.

What have you been reading for book club? Any suggestions on thrillers we should turn to next?



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