2018 Challenge Update (Week 1)

After a whirlwind of activity that was my semester and then diving straight into the holidays I enjoyed having last week off to decompress and mentally refresh. Anne was in school and my husband was at work, so I relished having the house to myself. I return to the research lab this week, and my classes pick up next week, but I feel energized and ready to wrap up my Junior year in a double major.

2018 reading challenge

In total I completed two books last week, but that number is deceptive because I am listening to War and Peace on audio (61 hours, or over 1,000 pages), so the progress I made in that should count as two 200 page books alone.

  • Running wise it has been cold, so I have taken to the gym and running on the treadmill to get in miles and burn off energy from sitting inside all day. Last week I ran 16.7 miles bringing the annual total to 16.7 out of 1000. One of my run days I went to take a shower at the gym, and guess what I forgot? Oops!


  • In addition to running I got in a fifteen minute core workout, took two Tae Kwon Do classes, and taught two yoga classes. This week I hope to add in an additional strength workout and take two yoga classes of my own (in addition to teaching). As a yoga teacher it can be hard to fit in a personal practice, so I would like to prioritize that this week before life gets crazy again.

How was your first week of the year? Read anything exciting? Try something new? Let’s talk about it!


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