2018 Resolutions

2017 was a wonderful year. I started this blog, my daughter entered Kindergarten, I made significant progress towards my science and education degrees, I began prenatal yoga teacher training, and still managed to tuck in plenty of time to read and grow as a person.

I am a big believer in goal setting and think the beginning of the year is one of the best times to start afresh. However I also believe in flexibility. If something isn’t working, press the reset and try again. There is no one size fits all, and sometimes we have to shift our expectations as things change.

For 2018 I have broken my goals up into two groups: lifestyle (reaching) and reading (rooted), to reflect the two passions of my blog.


  • Complete my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. While the classroom portion of my certification is done, I still have a thesis to write, classes to teach, and several observations I need to complete before I can claim the tile of PRYT 80.
  • Write more about yoga and running on the blog. I feel like the overwhelming majority of my blog is devoted to reading. While I still am extremely passionate about books, I would like to make room for and share my other loves as well.
  • Run two half marathons. I am on a mission to run fifty halfs in fifty states (10 out of 50 states so far), so I would like to make some progress toward that goal by completing a Spring and Fall half.
  • Compete in a Tae Kwon Do tournament. I recently started studying the art when my daughter began her classes and I love the confidence and strength the discipline gives me, it shares many similarities with yoga. I would love to match my abilities against other adults.
  • Find a consistent workout routine. The half marathons will certainly help with this goal but I would like to be more regular in my workouts, including more strength training in with my yoga, running, and martial arts practice.


  • I have signed up for a handful of reading challenges, so these will be the guiding force in my reading choices over the next year. It is my goal to complete all of them (there is a lot of overlap between them, so I don’t see this being a problem).
  • Add more diversity into my reading. I already bought January’s pick Secret Daughter for Top Shelf Text’s Diverse Books Club, and I look forward to broadening my horizons this next year.
  • Finish all of the ARCs on my Netgalley shelf before I request more. One of the best parts of being a book blogger is access to so many wonderful titles before they are published. Admittedly it’s easy to go overboard when requesting titles from publishers, and after a while you can feel pressure to keep up with the latest and greatest, paying less attention to the backlist books and classics that are still relevant.
  • And probably the scariest goal: a book buying ban for 2018. This next year I want to clear out my TBR pile and actually read and donate all the books I have been blessed to have come into my possession. I will be using the library more for new works, and hopefully finally get around to all those books that I keep saying I will read “someday.”

What are your goals for 2018? Anything that scares you? I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year, and I look forward to another year of reading and practicing with you all!



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