The Longest Semester Ever

Hello from a long, much needed absence! I took a break from blogging (and reading) this semester to focus on my Junior year classes. Taking a full credit load of 18 hours that included Organic Chemistry (a department weed out class) and three research papers just about did me in!

Now that break is here I hope to get back to writing and chatting with you all on my favorite things: books with a sprinkling of running and yoga!

My reading list was especially sparse these past sixteen weeks. Below are the few titles I was able to get to, mostly in keeping with book club. I did read several journal articles for research, but those are too numerous to include (and not nearly as fun!).


Published this fall Wild Horse Country especially stood out for my horse loving soul, and though it was a nonfiction the writing was so well done that it read like a novel. I listened to it on audio book and the descriptions made me want to drop everything I was doing to move out West.

This favorite was followed closely by Jeanette Walls’ Half Broke Horses. Walls memoir The Glass Castle (a book I have yet to finish) was made into a movie this year and Half Broke Horses is her grandmother’s story. Lily Casey Smith is a woman who does not take no for an answer, She flies planes, works cattle, and teaches school all in the mid-1900’s when society dictated that a woman’s place was in the home. In short she has grit, and her tenacity was an inspiration.

Now with two short weeks left until 2018 I need to work through five books to meet my Good Reads challenge goal of 100 books. Come find me and connect, I love keeping up with what everyone is reading!

Have you read any of these books? Thoughts? What is on your holiday reading list this winter?


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