Bout of Books: Thursday Progress (AKA a picture of horses because there was none)

Yesterday was one of those days where I wish I got paid to read. The reality of the semester definitely hit home in the sheer weight of my academic load as an upperclassman (I am a full time student with a double major in biology and science education). In total, I managed to get through 17 pages of Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead. That’s it. Although the book is relatively short at 256 pages, I suspect it will take me through Saturday to actually complete it. The prose of the book is lush and made up mostly of description and painted scenes, and is one that compels you to highlight pages and write in the margins. This gem stuck out to me yesterday in particular while reading:

Sometimes I have loved the peacefulness of an ordinary Sunday. It is like standing in a newly planted garden after a warn rain. You can feel the silent and invisible life. All it needs from you is that you take care not to trample on it.

Incredible, right? So while part of me is sad I couldn’t read more, it has been a case of quality over quantity.

Due to my crazy busy day yesterday I was not able to participate in the recommendation challenge, but I will shamelessly leave you with an unfiltered photo taken last night of one of the horses at the rescue. Stormin’ Norman is an Anglo-Arab cross and is my dear friend’s dressage horse. Around the barn we call him Pooh, and he is just as sweet and lovable as his literary namesake.



3 thoughts on “Bout of Books: Thursday Progress (AKA a picture of horses because there was none)

  1. Beautiful horse! I used to horseback ride when I was very young. I wish I had stuck with it. Something calming about the actual riding and taking care of the horses.

    Anyway- Bout of Books! Good luck with completing your goals and don’t worry about a lack of progress yesterday. I understand how the work load of a semester can set in and it takes over- even before it really starts.


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