Bout of Books: Tuesday Progress Report & Synopsis Rewrite

Classes resumed yesterday at university, so while I had to say farewell to summer classes, I was still able to manage a solid chunk of reading last night. In total I read 160 pages yesterday in The Lying Game. With book club meeting tonight it’s coming down to crunch time, so hopefully I can make my way through the last one hundred pages so when I have a few free hours this afternoon. The book has picked up quite a bit since yesterday, so I am settling in and enjoying the ride. I have given up trying to anticipate the next scene because every time I think I have it the plot changes gears.

The challenge yesterday was to rewrite a synopsis from a different character’s perspective. Long time followers of the blog will remember my Jane Eyre kick earlier this summer, so I thought it might be fun to go back and re-imagine the classic from Mr. Rochester’s perspective.

Adèle’s presence at Thornfield has always been a way for Edward Rochester to atone for his past life’s mistakes. The sight of her serves as a bitter reminder to the way things should have been, and the reality of the circumstances. It’s not until Adèle gains a new tutor does Mr. Rochester dream that it could all be different. Jane Eyre is a young bright thing, a change from the vain and petty socialites that Rochester tends to spend his time with. Suddenly Rochester sees a way out of his circumstances, provided he can keep the secret of a lifetime.

How is your progress going so far in the Read-a-thon? Any classics that just always seem to stick with you? Leave a link to your progress or feel free to re-imagine a synopsis in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Bout of Books: Tuesday Progress Report & Synopsis Rewrite

  1. Very nice rewrite! My progress is slow and I can’t use the eclipse as an excuse. I’m in the 75% eclipse zone and it was cloudy at the 2:45pm max so it wasn’t very impressive.

    Jane Eyre always sticks with me. It’s one of favorites of all the required reading I did in high school.


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