Bout of Books: Monday Progress Report

Monday I was able to get through a solid chunk of Ruth Ware’s The Lying Game. Our book club meets this Wednesday, so the thriller has been pushed to the top of my reading list these next few days. I managed to read 120 pages, in between subbing at our local high school during the morning and purchasing this semester’s books. It’s my first time reading Ruth Ware, so I was glad the book was selected since I have been meaning to pick her up for the past year or so.


So far the book has been moving fairly slowly, and this has been the opinion of the other book club members, so I am hoping the second half starts to pick up. There are quite a few flashbacks, which have seemed rather distracting in this book, but are critical to really understand what is going on.

The read-a-thon also challenged us to introduce ourselves #insixwords. I am a terrible at creative challenges like this, so it  was difficult for me to find the words that would include all the things I think are important. Here was the result:

An outdoorsy mother who loves books.

Like my “About Me” blurb says on the blog I love all things active and thought provoking. I couldn’t imagine spending life inside, or a life without books. My family is so dear to me, and I from the start I have viewed motherhood as the ultimate adventure.

Today I don’t anticipate reading nearly as much as Monday with the advent of classes, but hope to chip away some more At the Lying Game here and there as the day goes on.

Interested in participating in the Bout of Books read-a-thon also? Today is the last day to sign up! Make sure you include your link in this post before 12:00 CST today to join in the fun! Participating? Leave a link below in the comments so I can see your progress and six word intro!


3 thoughts on “Bout of Books: Monday Progress Report

  1. Good luck on meeting your reading goals this week!! I am participating on BOB 20 too and had a pretty go of things yesterday.

    I also participated in the describe yourself in 6 words challenge yesterday as well too… I described myself as: Avid reader, blogger, knitter, wife, daughter!

    Happy reading!


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