Who’s in? #ARCAugust

A day or so ago #ARCAugust by Read. Sleep. Repeat. popped up on my radar. It’s a simple challenge: just read books on your ARC list and share them on social media using the #hashtag. That’s it! In addition they have some fun things planned throughout the month for readers: Twitter chats, giveaways, and interviews. And you don’t even need a blog to participate. Raise your hands all you fellow Bookstagramers!

I plan on taking part in another readathon later in this month, so I am happy to see how simple this one is. I have been blessed to be associated with a number of generous publishers and authors, so I am looking forward to having some motivation to clear out my ARC pile, especially with several upcoming September titles on my TBR.

So what does that TBR look like? Well if you haven’t noticed by now, the blog is a little eclectic in the book realm, and my tastes run the gambit. The books are a bit all over the place, but fantasy and historical fiction hold a solid chunk. I hope to clear out a lot of these in the first half of the month, before the semester begins and my reading time is curbed.





Question of the Day:

Do you have any upcoming ARCs you are excited about? Taking part in any upcoming readathons? Leave your Bookstagram account in the comments so I can come say hi!


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