WWW Wednesday (07-12-17)

Hi friends! WWW Wednesday is a meme currently hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. Game plan is simple – answer the three questions and leave a link on Sam’s post. Kind of like Goodreads but more intentional.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

So without further ado:

What did you recently finish reading?

I had an online class start this past weekend, so my summer reading time has been significantly curbed. This past week I was able to wrap up several of the books I had started, but was unable to make much headway through my TBR.

I quickly wrapped up The Cardinal’s Man by M.G. Sinclair mid-week (Published yesterday! Happy Book Birthday!), and found it to be a nice escape. I have been gravitating toward a lot of dark novels recently, so it was good to take a break and get lost in some historical fiction. I have a love for the luxe of the French royal court, so I was fairly immersed in the book for a few days.

Then at the beginning of the week it rained, so I was able to read through the rest of Reader, I Married Him, which is a collection of short stories inspired by Jane Eyre. Like any short story anthology there were both hits and misses, so in the end the work was just meh.

On the audio front I finished We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver on Friday, and had mixed feelings about the book. I found all the characters repulsive in one way or another, which made it hard for me to feel anything but frustrated for the majority of the book, but I also thought that the book called for discussion, especially in regards to parenthood and the victims of a crime.

Then just yesterday I completed Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier while running in the rain. I went into the book blind (I literally had not read a single review or synopsis on it, and based my judgment solely on the cover and the fact I recently added My Cousin Rachel to the TBR pile), and couldn’t help but compare it to Jane Eyre. Rebecca and Jane both are young women of a lower class who find love in the form of an older, richer man with haunted pasts. Widowed bachelors must be a thread connecting my summer reading, because there was also one featured in The Wildling Sisters.

What are you currently reading?

Currently I am reading through my ARC of Impossible Views of the World by Lucy Ives, due to be released August 1. Stella Krauss works at an art museum in New York City when her coworker disappears, leaving a jumbled mess of files and confusion in his wake. Can Stella’s week get any worse? I am about halfway through and I am hoping the book picks up. The cast is eclectic and the writing is rich, but it has been difficult to follow the story line as there are so many side stories that are pulled in.

On audio I am listening to Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. After finishing the Complete Oz Collection I have been feeling the need to revisit the land of Oz. I am about a quarter of the way through, and regret not picking up the book sooner.

What do you think you’ll read next?

With an upcoming trip to New Orleans next week I definitely plan on getting to A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole during my travels. The satire is famously set in the Big Easy so I feel like it is the perfect way to get acquainted with the region. If you have any suggestions of things I should do while there for a week I am all ears! The French Quarter and running along the Mississippi River is definitely on my list, but I welcome any tips on what parks to visit, the good places to eat and drink, or where to find all the bookish attractions!

Also if the mailman delivers it on time before my trip, I will be starting in on The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen. The book is about the secrets of a small town and the web of lies woven by the people who reside there. It would not have been my first pick, but it was the book chosen for my Mom’s Book Club so when in Rome… I have often found that some of my most favorite books have been the ones outside my comfort zone so I will be going in with an open heart.

Question of the Day:

What about you? What are you reading? When you travel do you read books set in those places? I find that I often feel more connected to a location after I have read a story that takes place there.


10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (07-12-17)

  1. Rebecca is indeed a modern(er) take on Jane Eyre, although isn’t it interesting that the first wife in this case is named, while the narrator never is, while in Jane Eyre it’s the other way round? I’ve only read a bit of We Need to Talk About Kevin – I’m sort of afraid of it, if that makes sense… Enjoy New Orleans – always wished I could go there myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree I think it is funny. They do name Mr. Rochester’s first wife very briefly (Bertha Mason) but it is in passing (like I had to just Google it 🙈).

    I wonder if de Maurier neglected to name Mrs. DeWinter because her identity did not matter outside that role? I think it was meant to highlight the idea that she was the replacement of Rebecca and therefore her own personal identity was negligible. I hated picking apart literature in high school, but I find myself doing more and more of it these days.

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  3. Lions Tigers and Bears oh my, I read Wicked after seeing the musical and just could not truly get into it, I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this one!


    1. I have not seen the musical, but I do love the soundtrack. “Defying Gravity” is one of my favorite show tunes ever. My husband’s family lives in NYC so we try to make it to a Broadway every time we visit, hopefully Wicked will be on our list soon.

      So far I have loved Maguire’s take on the land of Oz. It is so different from the Baum’s books, I can’t wait to see the results.


  4. I loved Rebecca back in the day, and have a print copy to re-read…at some point.

    I enjoyed The Things We Wish Were True, but it would not be everyone’s cup of tea. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.


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