New Puppies and Routes: Our Memorial Day Weekend

This three day weekend was the perfect time to unwind and take a few moments to breathe. With my hubby starting a new job things have been a little crazy around here, so we packed the dogs and the baby up and took off on an overnight trip to see my parents in the country! My mom and dad have the coolest house with a hammock, pool, and miles of gravel roads so even though they only live an hour and a half away, when we visit it always feels like a vacation.

We arrived at my parent’s house late Sunday afternoon after I got home from work and we had packed up. When we walked in we were surprised to be greeted by Milo, a six week old boxer/lab mix that my mom had rescued from Tennessee for my sister. He was the sweetest thing ever and kept us entertained (and the older dogs guessing) with his puppy antics all weekend. There is something simply magical about puppy breath and curiosity. Puppies truly live in the moment and their sheer joy in life is contagious.

Memorial Day morning my mom graciously watched Anne for an hour so I could get a five mile memorial run in. Those quiet backroads and open skies around the house were the perfect landscape to let go and simply reflect on and pray for the countless men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that I may have the blessings and freedoms I do (there are still parts of the world where women aren’t allowed to be alone, let alone run).

The rest of the day was spent poolside where we grilled and played games and Anne got to practice the things she has been working on in swim lessons. We are still in quest of the perfect cannon ball, but it certainly isn’t for lack of practice. The end of the day came too quickly as it always does, but it is those stolen moments I think that make the trips home as special as they are. It can be too easy to take for granted the important things in your life, so they trips have a profound way of rooting me into the things that actually mater.


Now we are gearing up for another fun and action filled week… My mother-in-law and her sister fly into town tomorrow from halfway across the country so we are looking forward to picking them up and playing host in our little town. They both read a lot so I love to talk literature with them, and we all treasure our bi-annual visits as a time to reconnect and enjoy one another’s company.

Question of the Day:

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? Are there any special traditions you and your family observe?


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