Summer Breakout Plans and Playlist

So yesterday was my daughter Anne’s very last day as a pre-schooler. It is surreal knowing that we now have a Kindergartner in the house, and realizing just how quickly time is passing! She has grown a lot in these past two years, and it was a sharp reminder how important it is to stay present since time can too easily pass you by. She came home with a survey she completed, and I was amazed at the independent little human she has become. Who is this kid??

I am looking forward to spending time with her, since during the school year we both get so bogged down in school and work, and lose ourselves in routine. I missed the idle days when she was younger of just enjoying one another’s presence for hours on end: no agenda, place we needed to be, or pressing task to be accomplished.

There’s no real goal to this Summer other than rejuvenation, but we do have some plans. It’s important to keep some structure and engagement for children, it can be so easy in the dog days of Summer to take relaxation too far and end up scouring the depths of Netflix. Anne is signed up for some half day day camps at our local art and children’s museums and we will of course be doing the annual Summer Reading Program through the library (they even have an adult program!)… We always make a point of reading to her, but it is especially critical now that she is heading into Kindergarten to be exposed to a wide variety of books and vocabulary. And I am just in love with the theme!

src2017_web__Web Header

I will continue teaching yoga at my university’s gym and the YMCA, and begin training for some fall half marathons. I am running the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon in October and the Indianapolis Monumental Half   with my sister in November (it’s her first!). I am also registered for an online class in Plant Anatomy to fill one of my biology electives.

I think I am more excited for the planned trips on the table though! We are going on a family weekend camping trip with friends in the middle June to Raccoon Lake and I am taking off on a mother-daughter trip to New Orleans with my grandma and mom in July, because it simply wouldn’t be Summer without adventure and road trips.

And what is a road trip without a playlist of Summer Anthems? I put this playlist together last night and we have been listening to it all morning. It’s a mixture of classics and new hits, and I know it will become a staple for our car rides around town to run errands. Hope you enjoy!

Question of the Day:

What are some of your favorite Summer songs? How do you keep your littles (and yourself) engaged over the long months of Summer break?


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